Drawing Office

MPE’s experienced design team can create a high-quality vision of interior plans using advanced Computer Aided Design drawings. Whether creating an entire new room or redecorating and refurnishing an existing one, MPE’s skilled professionals can show you how it will look before a toolbox is opened.

Repair and Maintenance

MPE Interiors does not just create new spaces. We can also repair, recondition and re-decorate existing rooms.
Our service includes the supply of spare parts such as locks and keys, repair or replacement of broken or worn equipment, furniture and upholstery.
We can be available to clients at short notice to make urgent repairs and understand that often time is of the essence when repairs are needed.

Project Management

MPE’s range of skills means we can take on projects of all sizes and once we are working we remain flexible if the client’s needs change.
From strip-out to cleaning down, MPE can take a job from start to finish or can work alongside other sub-contractors to ensure work is co-ordinated and hassle-free.
We assign experienced project managers to each job. They help monitor the total progress and costs and liaise with the client and the sub-contractors to ensure that the work is always under control and the client has piece of mind.